Virgin river.


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Jan 16, 2008
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Washington state.
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I took this on my summer vacation:)
what do ya think?

thanks much:)
That's really classy. I'm hoping to get out that way maybe late spring. Been reading up on Paiute Indian legends and want to take a few shots.
Thank you! I had a great vacation and got lots of amazing photos.
I'm sure you would get some great pics too! if you go.
Thank you! I had a great vacation and got lots of amazing photos.
I'm sure you would get some great pics too! if you go.

I was just wondering, is this in/near the Virgin Gorge?
Anyhow, I'm surprised this didn't get more comments- it's a very nice shot. The watermark is a bit distracting, but what a beautiful place.

I'm not real concerned with where the shot was specifically. What I will be looking for this spring when I get out there is a big rock near a bend in the river. ...

The Southern Paiute (local Native Americans) have a story that goes something like;

Before man came to be, the animals ruled the world. Rabbit with his powerful legs was the strongest and also the smartest, but also the most ill-tempered. However, Rabbit, being the smartest, was not all that smart. One day he went to the river to get a drink of water. The water of the river lapping against the bank bothered him and made it hard for him to get a drink. Rabbit wanted to control the river and punish it for making him angry. He found a large boulder and used his legs to kick it into the river. This bent the river and unfortunately, because Rabbit wasn't as smart as he thought he was, fell on him and killed him. This gave other animals the chance to be the smartest. From these animal spirits came man.

So anyhow, when I go and do my exploring I'll be looking for a large boulder near or in a bend in the river. I hear there's something like this below the oxymoronic "Virgin Gorge" and east of Mesquite Nevada. I'm thinking a sunrise shot (the beginning of time) might be the best time to shoot it- if I can find it. If I can't I'll improvise.

There's some historical junk I'll be checking out while I'm in the area. That's really boring stuff though about explorers and pioneers and assorted other dead people.

Like I say, impressive shot to me. An elaborate bump.
it looks like you had a wonderfull time,
the shot is beatiful we´d hang it in our home for sure.

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