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    Has anybody out there had any experience with this particular flash? The features it offers for the price seem pretty much unbeatable, especially compared to the price of the 430EX and 580EX Speedlites.

    BTW, I have an XTi (if it wasn't painfully obvious from my Screen Name).

    Here are the features it offers:

    The Vivitar DF400MZ Digital TTL Shoe Mount Flash is fully compatible with the latest Canon digital SLR cameras. It fully supports E-TTL II flash operation, and offers professional features like: front and rear curtain synchronization, five levels of manual power adjustment, and a built-in slave function. The ideal all-around flash for any digital or 35mm autofocus SLR shooter.

    Key Features

    • Slave Flash
    Allows the flash to be triggered by the camera's built-in flash or another flash (Flash Exposure must be adjusted manually)
    • Bounce & Swivel Head
    Flash can be tilted 90° upwards. Also can be swiveled 270° horizontally.

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