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    Hey guys! I'm not sure if i'm allowed to ask for sponsorship here or not, so I appologise in advance if i'm not, but hopefully I am allowed and so here I am asking!! :)

    On September 26th 2009, Me, My son and our Puppy, Rozz, Will be taking part in the 2009 Walk for the Animals for the Humane Society.

    Information about this event can be found at Walk for the Animals - Humane Society of Berks County

    We would love you to sponsor us, if you can, it is for a really worthwhile cause - the Humane Society looks after sick, injured, abandoned, unwanted and unloved animals of all shapes and sizes and provides medical care, a loving environment, help and advice as well as help in finding new homes for these animals.

    Last year the event raised a truck load of money and housed 3,000+ walkers!!

    This year the walk is going to house 3,000 walkers plus us!!

    The Humane Society is a non profit organisation and does not recieve any government funding. They really do rely on the help of all donations.

    If you would like to sponsor me, please email me and i'll let you know how. You can use my secure paypal to pay if you like OR you can sign up for the even yourselves and walk with us?!?

    Either way, this is a very worthy cause close to my heart and so I hope I can raise something! Even if its just a penny!!

    Thank you!

    Lisa xx


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