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Feb 21, 2007
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Yes. Yes. Yes.

For I LOVE this one!
(Only am I seeing this thread for the first time NOW... sorry.)

Really very much to my taste, all your play with lines, LEADING lines, patterns and then to offset it all: curves. And the person.

And in the windows there SEEMS to be the reflection of a much older structure, a church, though I could as well be wrong and it is yet another modern building. Can't make it out, the more I look the more I guess it IS modern, but see what is happening??? I LOOK MORE! :mrgreen:
why thank you for your kind reaction corinna.
this was taken at the european neighbourhood in brussels, this is a plaza in the middle of all hypermodern buildings (so no, the reflection isn't a church). if you would look to the left in this photo you'd see the building where the european parliament resides. very cool place to go shoot photos.
AHHHH!!! IT"S MESSING WITH MY MIND!!! the line along the bottom is square to the frame, but oviously when compared to the stairs (which i assume are level in real life) it's a sloping plane, down to the right. but the stairs are ALSO square to the frame!!! And so are the buildings, my mind is just having a very hard time grasping this. running around in circles, running around in circles, running around in circles.... barrel distortion? compound curving sloped planes? or.... yes yes yes it's MAGIC!! ha ha ha, i underestimated your sneakiness!!
No, I am sure the ground is slanting and the stairs were adapted to the slanting ground so that they are plane. And the steps really start very flat from that ground to gradually become a full step, then a new one adds itself to it, starting flat and becoming a full step by and by... isn't it fascinating?
i agree, but at the bottom of the picture the bricks are square with the border frame, and the stairs are also nearly square to the border frame, but as you mentioned the paving bricks and the stairs are obviously not level and square with eachother!!! this is the discrepency that fascinates me.
i like the shot, could use a little more P&P
Hey, this is nice ... I like it. As to making lines blumb ... I usually start with the center of interest (in this case the person) and plumb up there ... additionally I'd darken the right side and the windows just a tad.


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