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Dec 10, 2011
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Help! I have a SD card that went through the wash. Is it ruined or can I still salvage and use it?
It should be fine. I've washed many CF cards and they've all come out just fine.
It should work, but I would replace it as soon as possible and relegate it to Emergency Back-up Only status.
I have it sitting in rice before I do anything with it! Ugh!!!
If you added fabric softener to the wash the photos may be a little fuzzy. :lol:
Did you apply Noise Reduction and an Unsharp Mask during the rinse cycle?
The photos may have shrunk in size

Make sure they're totally dry, maybe clean the contacts with isopropyl alcohol
Oh the cynical replies :)

For the water doesn't kill electronics. I loved the look on up and coming electrical engineers' faces when I was borrowing their lab equipment to assemble a $2000 circuit board, and when I was finished I put the board in the sink and scrubbed it a bit. I have never seen such shocked faces.

Water isn't bad for electronics if there's no energy sources. Heck water isn't bad for electronics if there's no free ions, so even running electronics won't worry if you pour distilled water over them. You should be fine.
It's the impurities and corrosion that getcha.

Washing SD cards should be fine, though. I think the better manufacturers actually test this, although they don't warranty for it. It's a Typical Usage Thing that is simply gonna happen, so they do their best to make sure they'll almost always survive.

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