Washing machine and new scanner!

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by Ghoste, Jan 20, 2006.

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    Random photo scanning some negs, testing out my new scanner! Oh I love it! I bought a Canon 9950F. It's amazing! Such great quality. This is a scan of a 35mm B&W neg at 1200 dpi. I can go up to 4800 dpi and set the scanner to a much higher image quality settings. When I did the first one with EVERYTHING at the highest it gave me a warning saying the image will be over 100 mb and might cause overloading on my computer haha. It does take a while but it's because I dont have USB 2 =( Anyways I'll load more later! If your wondering if that's the scanner quality making a crappy photo.. not it's just me ;)


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    Congrats on the new scanner. Looks really good to me.
    So does the example pic, though personally I would have shown a little less of the table on which the camera rested... but that is just me.

    (I was not so happy with scanning negatives when I got my new scanner that also allows to do that, or scan slides, for that matter, and prints).
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    same comment i gave in your other thread...levels. i like the simplicity here!

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