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Jul 23, 2013
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I'm new to photography. I'm going to dump some pictures that I've taken in the first two weeks of learning this art (or science, whichever floats your goat)

I'm very open to critique and would love to hear opinions and suggestions.

This dump:
Abstract shot, [originally underexposed] Rabbits, High key headlights, Low key tail lights, an experiment with minecraft, a badly composed shot of an ugly car, and my guitar. (edit: almost forgot this bird :D)

$Badfox - Analog Dream.jpg$P1020498.jpg$P1020224.jpgView attachment 50754$P1020401.jpg$P1020727.jpg$P1020589.jpg$P1020932.jpg

Thanks :mrgreen:
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The bulb is a nice idea. Other photos are not there yet. My advice would be - read a good book about exposure. Understanding Exposure by B.Peterson or Perfect Exposure by M.Freeman are good and popular, but I would also recommenr Chasing the Light by Ibarionex Perello

And learn composition - there is a lot of stuff online.


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what sashbar said, also I'm a amateur too and just keep shooting and posting on here and reading other threads of what people post is a great way to learn. That's what I do!
What technique did you use on the minecraft shot? I have always wanted to write a clientside mod that uses actual distance map data from the block grid to automatically create depth of field in real time for cinematography. Ideally with FL, aperture, tilt shift movements, etc. included.

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