Water Lily


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Sep 27, 2012
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I think both of these would have looked better if the subject wasn't almost bang in the center. I think you've gone too far in PP as well. That pink tends to get out of control when you contrast too much. Maybe dial back on the sharpening/contrast and recrop and it'll be a much more pleasing image :)
Are you happy with a nice sharp clear record of a beautiful object? In that case, these are lovely. They are lovely because the flower is lovely. And it is a lovely picture, I am not being in the slightest bit facetious.


If you wanted a beautiful photograph that happens to be built around a beautiful object, you're a ways off. The light's not bad in either one, but light somewhere between the two would be better -- neither harsh as in the first nor relatively flat as in the second (although the second is quite nice, perhaps a bit of tonal curve fiddling...)

Then you want to place the mass of the flower in balance with something else. Some negative space, an appealing leaf. A contrasting shape like a stick might be a nice idea. That dark masses of water in the first one are a form that could be better exploited. You could place the flower (on one side of the frame) in balance and contrast with a dominant large mass of dark water opposite, with some means of visually connecting them. Perhaps a bud murkily seen under water, or some visual line from one to the other, or a bright reflected spot in the middle of the larger dark mass echoing the brightness of the flower.

That's just a random assemblage of ideas. Pull anything you like out, and throw the rest away, up to and including all of it.
Thank you both! Will take yor comments in line next time.

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