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Discussion in 'Just For Fun!' started by John_05, Feb 5, 2006.

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    these are a couple shots i took about 3 weeks ago. i wanted to go out to take some pics, but it was a little late and too cold so i took these. its a small waterfall/pond inside the building where we live.

    the first one was shot in manual mode with a 2 sec shutter speed and no tripod, so it came out a little blurry but i thought it still looked ok. the other 2 i shot in auto mode. i wasnt looking for anything but a couple shots of the rest of the waterfall/pond and i didnt want to try holding the camera steady at the angle i had to stand to get them. in the 2nd one, i had to hold the camera to the side, and in the 3rd one at the bottom of the pic there is a staircase so i had to just lean and reach over and take the shot. i couldnt see the LCD or through the viewfinder, so i basically had to shoot "blind".

    *edit* i had to remove the pics to make room in my account. sorry. if a mod wants to delete this thread, please feel free to do so. thanks.


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