Waterfall, West Hilo, Hawai'i


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Apr 11, 2007
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EXIF: D40, 18-55, Circular Polarizer, 0.4s, f/25.0, ISO200, 36mm, taken by sitting the camera on a rock and using the self timer. Modified Orton effect in PP with Capture NX.
I like the shot but have never been a fan of the orten effect. Could we see the original maybe?
Sure, here is the original. 2 other things not specifically mentioned above was a crop to change the aspect ratio and I cloned out an ugly rope and a couple of bad vines.
Nice shot..

Looking between the two, I like your crop & clone work, and I do like the application of the Orton compared to the original, but maybe just a little less of it. The greenery looks like I should have 3-D glasses on....It pops just a bit too much from the rest of the scene.
I agree with Phranquey - though I would add perhapse try to get some more details on the rocks, though look a little artificial as they are in the edited shot.
Overall though I do like the edited version - good vision :)
I like the edit, I think it suits the scene. Nice job.
nice shot, but i dont like that effect on the edited one. the scene looks too cartoonish to me. i think it should have cropped a little tighter, and perhaps done in portait mode. seems like there is a lot of uninteresting stuff on both sides of the waterfall, and you had to compensate by adding that weird effect.

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