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    I bought a Watson loader yesterday and 100ft of HP5.. no instructions with the loader and it's the first time i've come across one. I THINK i've loaded it properly.

    1. When inserting the bulk roll into the chamber is there any other way than one way to get the film through into the canister chamber?

    2. The lever (straight one that pulls up and down) above the counter and nearest the bulk chamber, i think it's called the interlock? what is this for exactly? I've kept it down at all times and i've already loaded two canisters so my big question is, what's it for? and have i accidentally fogged my film?

    Any copies of the manual/instructions or links to such a thing would be appreciated, just for reference.


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    There's only one real way to load that film into the loader. Once it's in there and the lid's on, you won't be able to lift the lever unless the chamber is closed and thus light-tight. Close the chamber, lift the lever, take off the cap, insert the cassette, hook up the film, put the cap back on, lower the lever, open the chamber, and wind the film.

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