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Apr 12, 2006
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Hey guys! I've been lurking around here for a while and I'm really excited to be joining you all!

My name is Alice, I'm from England and I love to take photographs!

I'm a complete amature but I just keep plodding on, looking to improve my skills and hopefully one day I will.

I got into photography last year and I've been hooked ever since! I started off with my Dad's old Ricoh KR10 - which ceased production in the 80's and was completely and was utterly manual! I managed to get quite a few reasonable photos from it - but don't ask me how! They were flukes I think! For Christmas I got my beloved Nikon F55, which I find much easier to use!

I use film as a rule - mostly black and white. There is no real reason for this I just prefer it really and also I'm doing A level photography in September in college and part of the course is developing film- so I guess it just fits!

I'm waiting in the wings actually, I've just been to Athens and I'm waiting for a batch of photographs to come back from the chemist, very excited to see if I've got any sucessful ones!

I do take some stuff on digital though, often if I have a b+w film in my camera I take a colour alternative on digital...

Yeah... so that's just about me. Wish I had something more interesting to say... but I don't. Looking froward to getting to know you all!

Alice :)
welcome alice, hope to see some pics..... im english too btw :wink:
Another film addict!! Welcome to TPF. :D
Welcome Alice. Lookin forward to your pics
heeloo, welocme to the forum
Welcome, Alice!

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