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Feb 13, 2008
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I have been looking at setting up a website. I had looked into bludomain but after reading the reviews I don't think I would want to use them. I am looking for a hosting site close to the same. I also have made my own site in photshop as a template, but have not made it into dreamweaver or flash with it. If I build my own site I would like to put a clients section on it where each client uses a user name and password to sign in to see their pictures. Can anybody give any ideas or help. Thanks.
I use Hostgator for all of my hosting.

As far as functionality of the site, or building it yourself - it really depends on your experience. Plug-and-play templates can often be bought for between $60 and $150, but functionality (such as offering your clients a username and password to sign in and see pictures) is trickier and often requires a developer or custom script and database. Not to mention, you'll need at least a little knowledge in either HTML or Flash (whichever you intend to use) to make changes to the site yourself with our without a plug-and-play template.

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