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Sep 11, 2006
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Belfast Ireland, just off the cavehill
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My younger cousin asked me to take a few shots of her and her boyfriend and family before they attended there formal ball.I think the shots turned out better than I expected and for once I didnt even have to do too much to them in ps.I just want some oppinions on them befor I send them over to her.What do you all think? Do you think she will be pleased with them?





What do you all think?
All C&C welcome!
They are a bit soft on the faces IMHO, the dress looks like a focus point - did you use all AF points? also, F/22 could of contributed to the softness. Also I think they are a bit overexposed. again, there is green in the background tha can easily trick camera's metering if you shoot in average metering mode. I usualy set EC to -2/3 in that cases
These were also shot on a 350D at 1600 ISO which, even once cleaned up, is a recipe for softness. The last 3 shots appear to have some white balance issues as the subject looks varying shades of orange.

With the first one (which has slightly better white balance), it needs a bit more contrast. The downside is much of what will make the majority of the image better will also further shroud the male subject's eyes. In terms of background, it has this unfortunate problem of looking like he's got a huge plant exploding from his rear end. This is better than a tree growing out of the head (a common mistake) but still an issue.
Thanks very much for the comments.Ill take all thison board for the next time.Samal they are a little soft as you pointed out but to be honest they where worse before I edited them. Im not to sure if I used f22 but I think I did use a higher f stop.I have my EOS 350D set to use all af points but I think Its damaged as when I focus on a subject only a few of the points regester that they are in focus.I didnt know that a green backround can fool the metering system,Is there any way to fix it in cam?

DefenseEnginer I did you an unsharp mask but only on the faces.I used the lasso tool then fethered to 5 pixels.

Rufus5150, Someone else als commented on the ISO being to high at 1600,at the time I wsent aware that I had it set to 1600 so Thats a mistake on my part.

Thanks again

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