Weekly challenge 9/5 - 9/11 Lens compression


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Mar 18, 2013
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For this weeks challenge, post photos using lens compression in your composition. Lens compression creates the appearance that the background has been pulled in closer, distorting it to be larger than it is. A perfect example of this technique is when the full moon is photographed with something right in front of it.

This is my example of compression. This church looks to be in the middle of the woods out in the country but it’s actually on a busy street in a city. The photo was taken with a zoom from a hill above the church. The focal length “compresses” the background making it appear closer.

Incarnation Church, Melrose

Try this technique and post the results. If you want, post your subject using various focal lengths to demonstrate the changes in how it affects the appearance of the background.

As always, new photos only for the weekly challenge please.

[URL="https://fstoppers.com/architecture/how-lens-compression-and-perspective-distortion-work-251737"]How Lens Compression and Perspective Distortion Work

What is Lens Compression and How to Use It In Your Photos

Why Size Matters - Perspective and lens compression in landscapes at 400mm - DIY Photography[/url]
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I do not know if this is right.. just trying so let me know please
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I took the 230mm telephoto out today looking for a subject that would benefit from lens compression - but didn't find anything I was happy with.

This was one attempt .... the cars were a long way back from the child, but I don't think the compression adds much - so will keep looking during the week.

2020_0906_17132200 (1).jpg
I really enjoy looking for opportunities for compression. I think we consider only wide lenses for landscapes but a long lens can produce some interesting results.

First some dimensions:

From the camera to the end of the reflecting pool: 2028 feet (620 meters)
From the end of the reflecting pool to the Washington Monument another 2028 feet (620 meters)
From the Washington Monument to the Capitol 5250 feet (1600 meters)
From the photographer to the Capitol 9300 feet (2835 meters)

The first image is shot full frame at 800 mm and compresses the scene much more than the second which was shot at the same distance with the same camera and lens but at 384 mm.



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