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Jun 13, 2003
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Wigan, Lancashire
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Your thoughts please. I'm in two minds.
Nice subject matter. I generally like the built in frame, but I think it may be too big here. but I like the waterfall and the plants add a little mystery to the waterfall. Also I like the the flat water above the waterfall.
Darren ya ol' schizophrenic!
It looks great but personally I would have preferred a little more waterfall and a little less fern but others may like it the way it is.
Very good no matter what.
My two minds are 1; Is the composition ok, as I am still trying to learn the basics of it.
2; Oh I don't know, I think it's just the composition side of it. :roll:
I agree with the comments about the border, it is a little too big.
Thanks guys you've given me a bit more to think about, which is a good thing.
I hate to rain on this but the border is waaaay too big and not necessary. The firns as a border around the falls is the right idea and would be all the border this shot needs. I would like to have see more of the waterfall and less of the firns. Also a little overexposed.
Here is a link that shows some basic compisition rules. Check out a bit more at this site as there is more than what I linked to here.
I hope this helps.
Darren, just remember the link between opinions and armpits!
It's a little cluttered with no real focal point. The background and foreground blend into each other.

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