Weird - fitted case alters relationship with X-Pro-1 ...

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    Having decided to stick with the 27mm for the x-Pro1 , I bought a neat , mint , leather Fuji case for it.
    i wanted to protect it , but also loved the style !
    As I won't be changing lenses , I thought it might be a cool shoulder camera .
    I had been using it as a street camera with hand strap , settled into my shoulder bag .
    i have now fitted a neck strap .

    But the case has subtly altered my perception of the outfit , no longer a semi-compact as was the 1st intention to complement my DSLRs , indeed , it is now complementing a X-M1 16-50 and the new X-T1 18-55 which has kind of taken over DSLR duties .

    I am considering the wrist strap for the X-M1 with 1/2 case now .
    i guess it is simply changing priorities , but I had not anticipated and change in perspective .

    i said that is weird!


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