Well, that is embarrassing.


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Jul 16, 2010
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I guess I got a little sensitive the other day with all the negative posts that have been frequenting the threads. I thought the mods were cracking down and I mistook a message from Arch to be directed to me. Man, I feel like a dope and I am usually a littler more sensible when it comes to that kind of thing. You probably didn't see the exchange because it was closed pretty quickly and it didn't get many views. Anyway, back to the forum until I embarrass myself again.:blushing:
Never mind that, oldmacman, the way Arch's post placed itself right behind yours when it was actually directed at the entire thread (initial post) was a bit misleading.

Sometimes it is good to lean back, think "it's just an internet forum", and distance oneself from it.

But it's also reassuring to see that some have second thoughts and come to admit they were in the wrong before and feel sorry for it.

No need to feel TOTALLY embarrassed, though!!! ;)

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