Welsh air ambulance, June 2006


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Jan 8, 2006
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St helens, England
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This air ambulance landed on the playing field in the village of Betws y Coed on saturday 3rd June. The ground ambulance had collected a casualty from a motorcycle RTA and he was being flown out for prompt specialist intervention.

Pictures were taken on my 4mp Olympus FE100, not the e500.
An awesome team, purely charity based too! Being a biker and a member of a biker club its a charity we hold high regards for, donated thousands to them over the years.

Nice shots :)
As an outdoor activities kind of person, I always tend to stick a quid in a mountain rescue box when I see one- you never know when you'll need them.

Didn't know the welsh air ambulance relied on donations though, really makes me wish that we could get a standard of healthcare & trauma support to rival most parts of western europe - in germany caevac by helicopter has been the norm for many years - and it is state funded too.
Apparantly they choose to be charity funded, it allows them more freedom to operate or something!

It works out to about £1200 per rescue. They told me a story once of a guy who organised a car boot sale and raised just over a grand. A week later they were air lifting him from an accident, apparently he looked up at the guys and said "I Suppose I had better organise another car boot sale!" :lol:
SteveEllis said:
Oh, I love how vibrant the green is, was this film or digital?

Digital, with my little point & shoot Olympus FE100 4mp compact - handy for days out.
the picture actually captures the colours on the day well, as it was the start of that nice fortnight or so we had - lovely blue skies & coming off the back of a wet week, the grass was nice & lush.

If the air ambulance wants the autonomy of being charity funded, then good for them - probably stops too many arguments between the authorities on who gets first dibs!!
This is my third or fourth time to this thread, but since the "viewed" count hardly counts, I decided to let you know I come looking at these repeatedly by a POST of mine in reply to your little series here, which I enjoy so much because of the vibrant colours.
It is known I love the greens of spring (or of nature in general) so much, which come out best in lovely weather like also we had here in Germany at the beginning of the World Cup, and the red of the helicopter really stands out behind that background of greens and blues very much!
Scenes like this also always make me quite apprehensive for it is known that something terrible has happened when the helicopter comes for rescue! (Our here are yellow, by the way, they are the "Yellow Angels").

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