Wet Fly


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Sep 27, 2007
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Good shootin! But I gotta tell you, with that title, I was expecting to see a Parmachene Belle or some other classic wet fly pattern!!!

Parmachene Belle - Google Search

NICE leap there! Gotta love the Belle, until I tied one in a size 20. Got it done decently and then didn't want to even look at the pattern for a while.

Meanwhile, back at the op, nice detail in the eyes. I was surprised it would just let the water drops sit there like that. It made me want to wipe my own eyes. Then I realized they don't really have eyelids to take care of that for themselves. I think my next lens is a macro, but not sure how you get them to sit still that long. I can't even get them swatted before they are gone. ;)
Thanks for the comments guys. Deeky - it's a matter of speed on the photographer's end. I move very slowly approaching the bug, but once I get in position, I don't waste any time getting the shot. On these, I actually sprayed him with water from a distance to get the water on him....I was surprised it didn't fly off when I sprayed it.

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