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Dec 30, 2007
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Starkville MS
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Ms Santa gave me a WFT-E3A For Christmas!! Anyone here have experience with one of these? So far, I think I have figured out most of it but still have a couple of dark corners that need some light.

Mainly can I view the live view in real time before I actually snap the shot? Haven't yet found a way to do this. I am in the HTTP mode. I am partially handicapped at the moment and had hoped to set the gear up outside and shoot when I got what I was looking for. This may not be possible..anyone?

Well, maybe I should try and answer my own question. What appears to be the case is that only images that are on a storage device, a card or external storage device like a portable USB drive, can be viewed over the link. Disappointing for me. Still the E3A is an absolute marvel of technology and I think I will get a lot of use out of it. Probably just as well as the 40D in the live view mode "gobbles" battery power like it was starved.

I have not yet tried an external portable drive on it but will probably do that tomorrow if any one is interested in the results let me know.

I am using the 40D and have a 160 gig portable drive.


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