What a disturbing weekend


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Dec 11, 2006
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Besides the normal stresses of dealing with a chronically ill spouse, I received bad news on three other fronts.

On Friday night, I spoke to my daughter and she told me that young couple we all know very well is splitting up. He had been my son's best friend since their sophomore year in college and they even went to the same medical school. We were close and it is disturbing to see him in a situation with so much sorrow.

Then on Saturday we got a call that a very long time friend of almost thirty years had died. This wasn't unexpected as he had been ill but still, not so much a shock as the closing of a door that we had wanted to stay open. We met when we lived in San Francisco and our friendship lasted even after we moved back East. They were wonderful, elegant people, world travelers and their house was just filled with art and sculpture from all over the world.

Yesterday a good friend came over, ostensibly to return some equipment I had lent him. He say down and talked for some time how his wife's crippling depression had reoccurred. They had fought this for years and had thought the battle won, but no. There's not much I could say or do but listen and then arranged to do things with him to get him out of the house to keep his spirits up and not get sucked in.

It's interesting how the idiom ' a heavy heart' really describes so well that feeling of sadness when we are faced with these kinds of situations.
I mostly want to stay in bed and read or watch tv or page through old pictures that remind me of happier times.

I don't know what to say. That is a lot of terrible news at once. Trying to send some happier thoughts your way and prayers if you are into that.

I'm sorry Lew. Maybe a short walk with some of your favorite music would help? Sometimes it helps me clear my head when I have had a rough day or week for that matter. Hopefully things will start looking up.
Keep your chin up, Lew.

When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.
(Psalms 34:17)

The others are offering better words than I can so I give you a hug, you are all in my thoughts :hug:
Sorry for all of the terrible news. A heavy heart indeed.

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