What are the blue things in the corners?


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Nov 23, 2010
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Oshkosh, WI
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This is a picture I took with my Tokina 12-24 on a Nikon D5000. My question is, what are the blue blade things in the corners?

Most likely your lens shade was not on correctly
Thats kinda what I was thinking but the lense hood is round and shouldnt have mattered. Do you have some kind of filter kit mounted that wasnt mounted correctly?
No filters or anything mounted on it. It could have been the lens hood... I don't remember be able to make it "click" on. Maybe it wasn't on correctly.
BTW, the only pictures that were affected were the ones that were at 12mm.
And that is where a super wide angle can see the edges of a Lens shade
It looks like it is square or rectangular in shape and rotated a few degrees clockwise. Is that the shape of your lens hood or is it one of the standard "Petal" hoods? Shooting out of a window or something?
Is the hood a 'petal' type?
It is a petal type hood. The one that comes with it.
The lens hood was partially rotated, not mounted right. If it were seated the way it is supposed to be those dark corners would have been rotated just enough to not be seen. Give it a try sometime on purpose and you will find a similar result. the petals are designed to a pretty tight tolerance to use all the available lens at an ultra wide angle.

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