what can i do to improve thesse shots.


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Dec 16, 2007
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Im very new to photography and im intersted in convcert photography. so the problem is my pictures dont come out to great. Im using a Minolta Maxxum 70. Ill buy a DSLR later. anyone have any sugestions on how i can improve my shots cause those look realy bad. thesse arent by any means the best shots on the roll just three that came out partucularly bad. I shot with shutter priority using a shutter speed of 1/125. Any tips for me to take better pics next time.



The pictures are under-exposed mainly because of th too ast shutter speed. Did you use flash?? that might have helped if you did not use a flash you need to or get a faster lens or use a better ISO. Whatever you do you need to get more light to you sensor or film or hatever you are using.
A faster lense is out for now im buying a DSLR soon. What should I set my ISO to?
ISO 1200-1600 at least if you want to keep that shutterspeed. I doubt flashes are allowed at concerts.
This is all underground music. Flashes are allowed but I dont want to be the anoying guy blinding everyone.

So if i used an ISO 1200-1600 it should make up for no flash and i wont need to wory so much about it?

I cant go much slower with the shutter speed without blur. Everything is moving pretty fast.
the noise is already almost ridiculous...I would think the ISO has already been raised a tad...lol.

Anyways...fill flash could help you and lower your shutter speed a tad.
The Minolta Maxxum 70 is a 35mm SLR so the comments on noise etc don't really apply - these are just underexposed negatives and the grain is an inherent property of the film used. If you can use flash then do so and use a 400ISO film, the shutter speed can be left at 125th. If flash is not allowed then use a high speed film and put up with the grain. It's no good just increasng the ISO setting on the camera without loading a fast film or finding a lab that can alter the standard processing times to give an effective boost to speed.
im using the 400 film. I dunno how old it is. Would having it sitting in my pantry for a few years mess it up?

Im guessing my local CVS drug store isnt the best place to go get it developed. right or wrong
While I do agree that your choice of lab is a big part in the equation of making a grat print there is no lab out there that can help these images. The grain you have is partly the 400 fim and partly from pumping up the exposure so much. Looking at the lighting in these images I don't think you have much of a choice in the matte when it comes to wether to use a flash or not. It looks to me like there are nothing but big work lights behind the band if this is the case they are going to trick your cameras meter everytime giving you a big backlinght situation. As far as the flash annoying everyone I would not worry to much about that I think I see at least 2 other people taking pictures and I am sure they are not worrying about the flash. Another thing I think if the band is good enough the last thing people are going to be worried about is your flash.
Since the grain might be partly from the film what changes (film wise)do you feel I should make to fix that?
I did end up using photoshop's noise filter to clear them up.

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