What did i do to lightroom (quick help if possible please)


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Jul 9, 2010
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Earlier i posted about problems with lightroom...well i uninstalled and reinstalled and it started working fine again.
I was just going through editing some pics and all of a sudden they started looking like this once they load!
I exported one and it looks just like the original...no blue..but i cant edit it because it looks like this on the screen and if i try to adjust anything..it just brings out more blue or red colors throughout the picture!


>>>>>Now its working fine! What the heck? Is there another program that edits RAW files like this?? If i keep having problems im just gonna give up!
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You have the black clipping indicator turned on. In develop mode if you click the little arrows at the top corners of the histogram it will turn on the shadows or highlights clipping indicator.

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