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Apr 19, 2009
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erie, PA
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While at work today, a buddy asked me what I shot photos of and it got me thinking because I had no definite answer for him. I told him I prefer to shoot portraits but after a little thinking to myself, it's really child portraits I want to do. Nothing brings me more happiness since becoming a parent in 09', then again this year, than to see the smiles on my little boys' faces! Yes, it is children portraits I would like to become known for around here...And I feel this would be a never-ending occupation as there are always babies born to proud parents, who would love to capture their joy in a photo! I have a little "photo room" upstairs in my home with backgrounds and such that will be displayed in my photos here from time to time, once I get my name out there more. I'm starting out slowly of course, and free to certain folks, but I'm hoping it will create "word of mouth" for we all know that is the best advertising! I've struggled for a theme in my "shooting" for a while now, but I feel like I'm making a good choice by making a concrete decision in what it is I want to photograph. Pics will be coming, you can count on it! C&C will always be welcome as long as it is constructive, so if you have ideas on how I can improve please let me know! Thanks, Jeff ( Duke Photography )
welcome to the forums!
if you get popular youll def have a never ending stream of clients, so thats good.
in the meantime, read, read, shoot shoot shoot, and then read some more.
soak it up man, theres tons of great info on these boards.
have fun! :D

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