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May 14, 2006
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Ok, so I got a sony cyber-shot H2 for graduation, and have been taking alot of pictures and I really enjoy it. I feel like i'm slightly limited though and that my pictures are not as high quality as i'd like them to be. I'm considering buying a DSLR camera, probably the Nixon D50. What do you guys think about this dicision?? Should I wait and keep taking pictures for a while with this camera? If i buy myself a DSLR i'll give the other back to my parents even though they can barely figure out how to use it lol. thanks for the help.

How specifically do you feel limited? It looks like a decent camera. It's my view that people too often try to improve their photography by improving their equipment, rather than spending the time practicing. It does take time. If you wait, then you can spend the money on whatever is new out at that time, and you'll be able to make better use of it.
You've got a good point there. I think i'm gonna stick with this one for a while until my skills improve. Where could I get hooked up with some photography classes or something?
Classes are are a great idea. You can check your local colleges, and some cities have community darkrooms that also have classes. That's where I've taken most of mine. You could also see if there is a local photo club.

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