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Aug 20, 2010
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What does shooting in the RAW mean ?
That's just street lingo for taking pictures naked.


...lol...ok. It's just using RAW (instead of JPG). You'll have to convert them to JPGs or TIFFs or something in a PP program.
Shooting in raw means your images are not compressed. Shooting in Raw usually requires special software but usually comes with most modern cameras. Shooting in Raw gives you MUCH more flexibility when edited in PP but requires more disc space. I would recommend checking it out, i know alot of photographers who swear by it.
I always shoot in the RAW.........lol Doesn't everyone else?!!! :blushing::wink:
Is naked photography illegal these days?

I swear, these photography laws are getting ridiculous...
LOL TY everyone ,,,,,,,,,, Cant wait to run and run around shooting in the "Raw" ;) here in Utah LMAO jk i could see it now non LDS woman jailed for shooting people naked
Now that you know... You're probably wondering what the advantages/disadvantages of one over the other are... You could search RAW vs. JPG and get about a million hits, but I'll just tell you here...

RAW is more work, but better in the end.

I'm sure you have had film developed before...?

Think of it like this:

RAW is developing the film yourself and making prints in a darkroom. JPG is taking it to Walmart and taking whatever they give you.

The darkroom is the computer. It'll be a little more work on your part, but the end result will be better pictures.
The biggest benefits of shooting 'In the Raw' are the great expressions you get from people.


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