What is it?... WITH RULES!


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Sep 22, 2010
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I like the idea that has been floating around the past little while but it became clear that there should be rules to keep it fun and interesting. So, for this thread:

Rule #1: The item must not be obscure and is something that most people have seen and are familiar with.
Rule #2: The first should contain a tight 100% crop
Rule #3: If the item has not been guessed within 24 hrs (or sooner if you like), you must post a larger crop to help the guessing along.
Rule #4: At least part of the image must be IN FOCUS!
Rule #5: Scoring will be based on TPF POINTS which are just 'Likes'! If nobody guesses within 48 hours anyone playing must give the OP a 'Like'. If someone guesses correctly (or close enough) everyone playing must give the post that guessed correctly a 'Like'
Rule #6: Once the round ends, either by a correct guess or expired time, the non-cropped item must be posted for everyone to see.
Rule #7: Have fun, and remember it must be something that most everyone should be familiar with!

First item:
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sounds fun with rules! I need to think of my guess though.

dh says 'hair clippers'....I don't see it haha
Ha ha!!!

:lol: I couldn't help it. I like guessing games.
Looks like it would be used as a grinder of some sort? like a pepper grinder? Tough to say. Definitely looks metal though.
Part of a chandelier?

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