What movie did you watch?


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Apr 9, 2009
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Tonight it's -
The Wild Bunch: The Original Director's Cut
1969, Rated R, 2 hrs 25 min.
Director: Sam Peckinpah
#79 on the American Film Institute 100 Years...100 Movies – 10th Anniversary Edition list (2007)
Because of its graphic violence and portrayal of crude men attempting to survive by any available means the film was controversial.
Last one I really watched was Walking Tall.
My Left Foot

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The Best of Me--- stupid Nicholas Sparks and his tragic endings. The man is a sadist.

A friend of mine was in that movie! He played Chief Baker; almost all of his part ended up cut from the movie, but he says it was still the best thing he's ever been a part of.
And he's had bit/small roles in a LOT of pretty major movies and TV shows over the years. He was also in the Blind Side, Remember the Titans, October Sky, Anchorman 2, and many more.

I really think he could have ended up as quite a "known" movie actor; but he prefers the local scene, so he does a lot of local off-Broadway stuff and has always been happy being a very prolific bit actor in the bigger movies.
I hardly ever watch movies, but I'm feeling like I might have to rewatch Princess Bride tonight.
Or maybe, now that I'm thinking about my friend Dave, I'll have to go watch Remember the Titans or Blind Side again, or hit up one of the movies he's in that I haven't seen (like Selma; or October Sky).

EDIT: And NOW, I see that the question is actually "What movie DID you watch?"
So, let's see. The last movie I watched was...umm...let me think...
been so long I can't even remember.
Last movie i saw was "Ex_machina" . Petty good man vs machine type thing, but not fighting physically, more mind games thingy.
Straight outta compton. Was great.

Going to see the intern tomorrow.

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Mission Of The Shark: The Saga Of The USS Indianapolis -Stacey Keach, Richard Thomas. And on the same day, Run Silent Run Deep, Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster. I love good war films.
(Am thinking of Limr RIGHT Now, Star Trek original TV just started!!)

In our RV, we travel, so no hook ups, just 'rabbit ears', so VERY limited TV...maybe ION, METV and occasional CBS, NBC for a few moments.
Did catch 20 minutes or so of 'China Syndrome' yesterday on a Channel celebrating Michael Douglas' birthday.

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