what should i have done diffrent?


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Jun 16, 2010
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I shot in iso 1600 and f stop 8 with a 20 second shutter

Just shoot it with 100 or 200 ISO with tripod.
I tried to play with the last one some. This is the best I could come up with.... Let me know if you want me to take it down.

Well, first off, I would have bought a Ford....but....then...I know....I know....a Ford is a

F@@@'d Over Rebuilt Dodge, right??? Anyhooo...kidding aside...I thin k the originals are a bit too bright-looking...the edit misstwinklytoes did looks better--it looks more like a nocturne with the brightness level pulled down.
Honestly, my first reaction when I saw the pics was "What should I have done different? Everything."

WB is crazy off. ISO is causing severe noise. The lights in the background are far blown out. The background itself is very distracting. The angles shot are uninteresting to say the least.

But.... I do see a Yamaha sticker in the back window- so it isn't all bad.

Good news, you can only improve from here. Start with some early evening shots using naturally available lighting. This should take some of the difficulty factor out of the shot so you can concentrate on the basics.

I agree with what everyone is saying and I'll add one more.
What you should have done is check the image and the histogram after each shot.

You would have immediately seen that something was wrong and could have tried to correct it.
this was the first time i have ever tried to shot anything at night i appreciate it i will try again
this was the first time i have ever tried to shot anything at night i appreciate it i will try again

Take your time this time.
You have hours to get it right.

Check the histogram, the preview, and your settings.
Make sure everything looks right before you take the next shot.

The goal is to get it right in the camera.

Good Luck and post the new shots

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