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Jul 23, 2008
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I just shot my my first TFCD model sessions yesterday; 3 models. I promised a CD to each of my customers but forgot to figure out what size to give them? I am thinking just the internet standard 72 ppi should be ok but at what size? I usually display my photos online at 800x533 @72ppi. Is this size sufficient for customer CDs? Maybe its just me but I really don't want to give away print quality photos. I'd rather the customer come to me for them. Handing out my RAWs are completely out of the question.

Are photographers expected to give out print quality/size photos for TFCD/TFP photoshoots?

Thanks in advance for your help. =)
This is something that should be decided before hand.

My opinion is that if you are going to give them a digital file, you might as well give them a full size, print ready file. Chances are they will try to print it anyway, even if you give them a web sized image...and you don't want them to make a bad print and blame it on you.
Give them full size photos. They can use it in their portfolio as well as make prints of them. But leave the retouching to them. Plus if they are happy with full size and they love the photos they will tell people. Which brings in more business.
For TFCD sessions, I always give full res images to the model.

After all, you didn't give them a dime for their time. So why give them web sized images they can't use in their portfolios?
Time for CD. And yea you should give them full res. jpegs.

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