What the eye sees and what the film sees.

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Aug 9, 2018
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I was returning to my truck after shooting some B&W photos. I thought a back lit, uphill truck shot might be interesting. What was interesting was the color to gray conversion by the B&W film.

Here is a color shot of the truck, note the bed capper is red, the truck is the same color red, the bottom stripe is light grey the wheels are chrome.
Truck colors.JPG
Canon T6 rebel digital.

In the B&W shot, the red cap is a much lighter grey than the red body. It is almost the same as the grey stripe. The canoe is a yellow Kevlar and the rear wheel chrome is a different shade than the front. I was not expecting the film to be that much different on the color to grey conversion. Especially since the cap and truck body look the same to the eye.

Truck B&W.JPG
Artista EDU 4x5 400 ISO

After some thought I recalled Ansel Adams comments on subject luminescence. Back lit and partial shade may be a factor also. B&W film's mysteries never fails to surprise me.

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