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    Ok, so here is where I am,
    I had 2 Alien bees lights and sold them yesterday. The Idea was that I was going to buy 4 new lights.

    I have decided to go with Lightrein Lights.

    I was going to pick up the following:
    Qty 2 - 700 Watt (LR7D)
    Qty 2 - 400 Watt (LR4)

    For modifiers I was going to get
    1 – 12X36 Strip Box
    1 – 30X40 Soft Box
    2 – Reflectors (7”)
    1 – 10 deg Grid
    1 – Barn door
    1 – 22” beauty dish with Grid

    Well I am now getting cold feet and I am thinking of only getting 3 and dropping the Barn Doors and one reflector.

    I can rent the lights here in town, so if I ever needed more I can rent them.

    If you were only getting 3 lights what modifiers would you get?


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