What's the best performing laptop battery known to man?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Wilynn, Dec 13, 2008.

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    What's the name of the longest lasting (from one charge) laptop battery?

    When I say 'name', I mean maybe you know a brand name that stands out from all the rest. Sort of like the Ferrari of laptop batteries, if such a thing exists.

    And how many hours would you expect to get out of it from one charge?

    My laptop is an old 2003 Dell Inspiron 5100:



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    They all suck, really. :lol: I use my AC adapter all the time, I have only used my battery three times, and I got about 2 hours out of it each time. It's a basic Toshiba battery, but my laptop is high-end. So, I guess all the hardware and firmware I run reduces the time. I'm an IT guy but not a battery pro. lol.

    I did see some batteries in catalogs and in Circuit City that were well more than I'd pay, but said to last a LONG time...so I dunno.
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    Performance and battery life are usually polar opposites. You can find extended battery packs, like I have in my Lenovo T60 that gives me roughly 5 1/2 hours with decent performance, or I can detune the settings and get more time out of it at the cost of usability.

    As for any one brand that lasts longer than another, I do not think you will find it. A lot of the name brand companys use 3rd party batteries. It is more about the MaH rating and number of cells.

    ETA: based on a quick search, Dell offers a pretty good battery:

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