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What's wrong with this image

It doesn't have to be human to light it. I would place an off-camera flash left and shoot some light onto the ground in front. Maybe gel the flash gold. Or maybe throw some light on the rocks left. As it is, the photo lacks pop.
I say crop the bottom more and use wider crop ratio.
Well, for starters I'd like to see more of the dramatic skies and less of the sand. Secondly it feels distorted (pinched) and the horizon does not feel straight.
I would've cropped out a lot of the bottom - giving the rest a more panorama-style cropping. (for example a 10x5.5 crop)

The image does have potential though.
It is painfully devoid of monkeys.
It will probably be a lot better if you had shot it with a lot longer exposure. You wont see the shadow of the people and the water will look amazing.
The bridge line runs with the horizon with high conformity..... i would have been happy if the sky is somewhat less populated with clouds; if this is HDR, i feel it is over done...

The foreground dilutes the appeal.....

I like the over all moody feeling

Regards :D

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