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Oct 10, 2010
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I have had a Canon Rebel XT for some time but just recently started really reading and digging into real photography. (now have a d300) I am really interested in portraits but am still learning. Is it too early to begin playing with a good flash like the Nikon SB600 or should i work on tuning the basics more first?

Sorry for all the questions, everyone here has been awesome and i really appreciate the feedback/help!
I shoot with flash about 95+% of the time, so I'd say you should have it already.
Light is light, regardless where its coming from, the KEY is to learn to use it in such a way that it isn't very obvious that you're using flash (but that takes time).
With d300 you can use sb600, sb700, sb800 (if you can find one) and sb900 as slaves with Nikon's CLS. Thus technically speaking all you need is a lightstand with umbrella adapter, mount your sb600 on it and you have an off-camera light.
I like to buy flash units sometime after lunch. Often, around 2:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon. A good, modern flash unit like the SB 600 is a wonderful accessory that you can begin using immediately, and which will last for years if cared for properly.
Look at "lighting 101." Just google it. It will tell you a ton about lighting and how to get it right, Nothing is more important(IMHO) than the right light, Whether it be flash or natural.

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