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When to just say screw it all?

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May 29, 2021
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Ive spent alot of time in the last few years trying to find a live, human female model to photograph.

Just absolutely no freaking luck at all.

Nothing but endless scams, frauds, upselling, non existent people, being sent to multiple platforms to make contact ie model mayhem to instagram to facebook and so on.

I tried facebook last year but for some reason once i joined photography groups my account kept being disabled and demanding proof like photo copies of my state ID, passports, birth certificate, social security cards, etc.

I dont have model mayhem account as the people who approve the mandatory photos do not accept ANYTHIGN other then nude or swimsuit photos of women, i know because in the 5 times i tried to make an account, the ONLY image that was not rejected as being "car/selfy/snapshot/animal/landscape" was a photo of a young woman sitting on a rock wearing a bikini. Although a photograph of her sitting on the same rock but wearing a t shirt and shorts was called "an unallowed landscape photo".

All the other sites want the same photos of humans, and money. Or are just in FOREIGN countries and have nothing for the USA.

On the 4th about 8 pm i created a new facebook page, and a business page for my photo side... the 5th i was given a deactivated account due to "behavior violating community standards". All i did was join a few photographic groups in my state. I had to have them send me an id number to my cell phone AND my email..
Today i was on it twice. third time i went to go on, i was told my account was deactivated due to the same "violating community standards" and it is now DEMANDING i send them a face photo.

DO i just say screw human photography or just start letting myself get screwed in a miserable endless cycle of wasting money left and right?

There was a time — long ago — where models were easy to come by. Times
have change though. Caused by not always clean toggers, social media, and
others, people are more aware of their image and reputation. Clean toggers
fell victim to social trends too — a good man colleague of mine had a bad ex-
pertinence some years back and that was the end of it for him. Dangers are
lurking from both sides of the camera.

Personally, I don't have such problems but I am never alone with a male model
or female — always an assistant or two.
Its at the point that the only self described models willing to do a shoot are also the ones that require sex for money. As im not willing to go that route, its a rather hard spot for me.

I recently met a beautiful 13 yo girl from SE Asia ethnic. I went to talk to
her and told her of my idea. Gave her my card and said: "Your parents
must agree to this and be present at the shoot." I met the parents a week
later and a shoot was planned in Fall.

Building a portfolio with parents and friends may help.
When an account gets blocked as soon as you join a group, that's a big red flag for me. I'd report the group to FB as being a scam, which IMHO it must be.

Models are hard to come by as most now think you just want something else. Try getting to know a local dance troupe or theater group, back in the day, (when I was interested in shooting people), it's where I met some really great models looking to build their portfolios.
Lol the only local "dance group" is well underage girls, and i have no interest in dealing with that age bracket. There is a local theater thing but they have been dead since covid hit, and I have tried to tfp with them,,, but they have no interest. So little interest they cant even say get lost.

All of my photos have been animals and landscape.
All of my photos have been animals and landscape.
You have no experience.
Assuming you live in a decent size city, you will find that pro photographers hold studio workshops, you can pay a small fee and practice in a studio setting with proper lighting and professional models. Look into it.
Those underage dance classes are taught by adults that either used to be or still do dance as adults. I bet they would like some updated shots for their portfolios. Call them up and explain you need to expand your portfolio from nature to include people shots. You might be surprised.
You have no experience.
Assuming you live in a decent size city, you will find that pro photographers hold studio workshops, you can pay a small fee and practice in a studio setting with proper lighting and professional models. Look into it.
Great idea.

OP - Also check out the meetup website. The photography centric groups frequently have group model shoots and if/when the photography expos start again they also have breakout sessions with models.
I don't do a lot of paid work, I turn down most of it, I'd rather be selective in my shooting. I've found though that those who've paid a deposit are more likely to show up on time.
If the question was directed to me then yes.
I have a multiple folders portfolio on my iPad.
No, I meant that question for the OP.

I'm just wondering if they are getting constantly KB'ed, could it be because their portfolio is putting models off? Kinda curious as this isn't the first post they've complained about this, but I've not seen any examples of their work. If so getting some experience via a camera club might be an option. I know the one near me runs regular sessions with various models, and it could be a good way to get a foot in the door.
My local photography Facebook group is for fun and aspiring photographers & models. They have meet ups every so often and plenty of models volunteer. Find a local group that has meet ups. There are several members that like to dress up for Halloween or other theme type shoots.
ah yes another round of lets disregard that the OP has been locked out of facebook until he provide a photo of him and his photo ID card..

I have done the meetup thing and the problems i have run into with them is the following

1. the actual group photo shoots are not meant for the person paying to attend to actually get photos. I am not going to pay 1 to 200$ to attend a 2 hour shoot, THEN stand around for 1.5 hours holding lights and reflectors for the people who created that group shoot to take photos, and then leave me stuck trying to do 2 hours of shooting in half an hour or less of the worst light possible to shoot.

2. The meetup photo groups that i have actual experience with are simply male and female "guys with camera" who meets once or twice a month to show off their most expensive lens or camera body and deride anyone who doesnt have those items

And if landscape and animal photos arent "good enough" for the world... why do i always hear about this ansel adams guy
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