When you leave home with your camera-speedlight of not?

To Speedlight or not to Speedlight

  • Yes, my speedlight belongs on my camera to function correctly

    Votes: 15 71.4%
  • I only get my speedlight out when it starts to get dark

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Oct 27, 2008
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Do you consider your speedlight a part of your camera and, therefore, always have it attached, or do you only take it when you expect you'll need it?

As I learn more, even when I only plan to take landscape photos, I increasingly feel naked if I don't have my speedlight mounted.. It is normal for pros to just always have them mounted as a rule, whether they use them or not?
Well I take my speedlite :p(canon version) I take it because I never know if I will need it.
I always got mine with me but not on the camera all the time.
I have my SB-600 in my bag all the time, I never know when I will need it.
I will usually bring it along but I would only mount it if I needed it. That said, there are plenty of uses for a speedlite other than shooting once it gets dark.

The biggest reason to not leave it mounted is that it makes the camera very awkwardly shaped and presents a risk of breaking off-- I don't like that it makes the camera a lot more fragile.
I never leave home without it. It's just as useful during daylight hours as it is at night. I can't imagine life without it anymore.
No, My speedlite 155A stays at home unless I am planning to shoot inside with my GF's body.

LOL it's early here and I had to re read this. For a second I thought your were saying... lol anyway I don't leave home without a speedlight attached and another in tote. Sometimes 3 or 4. But at least I'm not as bad as John(AKA picture daddy). Never seen him without a seperate bag for all of his flashes... :mrgreen:
LOL it's early here and I had to re read this. For a second I thought your were saying...
I know... I read it that way too. I had a witty response written when it dawned on me what he was really saying.

:lmao: :lmao:

My Body

My GF's Body

Just to clarify.

Also, if we are shooting anything important with her camera it's usually sporting one of my lenses, hence saying the body and not gear.
See, you could have just let us assume and keep a good image in our head... You had to go and put a picture of a Canon up here and spoil it all for us.... lol

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