Where do I find the EXIF-Data in Photoshop?


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Feb 1, 2004
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Yes. That is my question.
Where is it hidden.
How can I call it up in Photoshop.
I get it when the pics load and the ZoomBrowser opens automatically.
But later, when I work on the photos ... how can I still see it or call it up?

I am sure it is very straightforward and I am only too silly to know where to look.......... :er: :meh:
I'll try this RIGHT NOW... hang on...

No :(

Under File Info I get a window that lets me give a caption to the photo, but everything there is empty. No data given.
And Ctrl ALT together does not do anything :cry:

I have an ancient old Photoshop 6.0!!!
That inverts my pics :( :( :(

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