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    Hey! My name is Constance. I accidentally stumbled upon this website while doing some research via Google (my virtual best friend). And I would have to admit, that I have already found some information very useful.

    I am an on-location photographer. I am in the process of getting started again, from scratch. I had the whole kit and kabodle for about 5 years (lighting, camera, lenses, props, backgrounds, etc). I was in a divorce and he took all of my equipment in the divorce thinking that if he had it, I would go back to him. *Newsflash Mister!* It backfired. I started from scratch once before, surely I can do it again. Of course, this time it is a little harder as the economy stinks right now and I am unemployed.

    Thanks to my boyfriend (been together a lil over a year), I now have a SLR camera. It is a Sony (not my favorite brand, but it is very nice considering the price; free for me). I would like to get a 50d or 7d in the next few months and hopefully with college refund and a lil savings, I can do that, even if I have to go used.

    I feel like I have forgotten everything I ever knew when it come to Photography. I bought CS5 a few nights ago and let me tell ya, I felt like I am learning photoshop all over again and I've used photoshop off and on since somewhere around photoshop 7 *i think*.

    Anyway, I think this is pretty long *sorry*, but feel free to request friendship, or just say hey. I am open to any help I can get during my adventure.


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