Where is everyone?!

hey nitefly, im online :) hows your friday going?
Well my Friday has been pretty good so far! My first photo shoot in front of lots of people, check out my thread in the general discussion..

How about youu?
heeey go you! :D crowds can be very daunting but i got over it having to do it for college projects back a couple of years ago.

Mines been pretty good :) had a 7am start at work today, hectic! but nice weather and "bonded" with my dad trying to take photos of the moon on my wobbly tripod (he broke both of them!!) good fun lol
Well my brain is tired and I need to go develop some film but my brain is tired and does not recall how to develop film
nitefly said:
No replies to my threads for ages.
No friday thread.
I'm bored.

What's happening people? :scratch:

it's summer (for a lot of folks) and it's friday.

go out and have fun!

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