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Jan 3, 2006
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Birmingham, UK

After that thread, I went out and took some photos of a stars in their eyes competition for a local online newspaper type website called Ruberyvillage.co.uk ..

I am soo glad i did it, i'm over the phobia of shooting in public now :lol: It felt soo good and i have another photo shoot sunday and next saturday!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Thanks everyone who posted in that thread :)
lol nice one man. I need to get with a local newspaper... well i'll see what i can do after GCSEs.

Although i think im either getting my work experience in a photography studio which should be good, or with a local photojournalist.

But anyway, glad your over your phobia of shooting in public :D
That's great to hear. I guess that's the way to get over the fear then. I'd best get to it.
Nicely done....for some reason, I have no problem taking urban shots when travelling, but it's very rare that I take a shot of the city I live in...I dunno, something I'm getting over bit by bit (hell, took only one of my first shots in TO today, and I'm quite pleased with it), so all in good time, I guess :)

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