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Apr 8, 2009
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I am taking pictures. Mostly of wife and many come out blurry. I have played with ISO, and many other settings and doesn't seem to help. I also bought a background (paper), tripod and remote. I am wondering if I just a bad camera or need that much light. I am renting some flash style lights on Friday and will have them for the weekend. ML 600 Monobloc Kit. With this I would have to adjust everything manually correct? Shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc. Camera is a Canon EOS XS. With the auto setting you click halfway and it focuses and sets aperture and shutter speed, but that will be different once I click it and flashes go off. I have never used these lights so I just don't know how you work with them.

Any suggestions.......?
Hardly ever will your camera be the problem. Ive seen amazing shots taken with a 20 dollar keychain camera thing. Ok not amazing....but pretty darn good.

Your missing the focus is the only thing I can think of. Try focusing manualy. It might be a lens problem.

Im not to sure about strobes, but I dont think you have to adjust your camera manually. You might want to give it a shot, since if you miss the exposure, you can readjust and try again....and again...and again.

IN manual mode, when you click halfway, the camera will still AF, just not set all the stuff, because you already did that.

have fun!

oh--welcome to the photo forum

how do I diagnose a lens problem thougH? :confused:
my sister told me the other day that her focus was off. I twould focus fine in auto, but maual was off. I told her to focus her viewfinder and that took care of it. dont know but maybe this has something to do with it.
Huh...I'll try that thanks! :sexywink:

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