Where's your external hard drive?


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Jan 31, 2015
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I use to have mine on my desk, but it got annoying because all I could hear was a high pitch noise coming from it. Probably because its a Seagate drive. So I moved it to a lower shelf on my desk.

I see a lot of people using western digital mybooks and G-Drives..are these a lot more quieter?
Two small wallet sized ones directly on top of my pc case and two WD's on shelf right of case. None or loud enough for me to hear over ambient noise, tv, traffic etc.
Which one?

I have 8. 6 are used for backups, 2 are working drives.

The 2 working drives on next to the tower, and one of the backups in on the desk. The latter is rotated with three others in my safe. The other 2 backup drives are at my next-door neighbors house and my brothers house 842 miles away.
My WD is set to the right of my pc. It is quiet. But, having managed a system for a hospital consising of 4 Alpha machines and a bank of 72 disks, noise from one disk is of little bother........but, that's just me.....
Sitting right here, never hear a peep out of it. Not much anyway, but I just use it to store photos; when I plug it in the green light blinks and I may hear a little sound but that's it. It's a Western, got it from Adorama.
Mine is a lace 3tb bit unit that sits on my desk to my to the left and I makes a stupid noise at times when I rest my hand on the desk
I'm really tempted to get a dual hard drive enclosure and take the 2tb drive out of the seagate external drive and put it in that and have room for an additional drive for raid.
I've been buying the Western Digitial MyBook drives, and am now on number four in that line. They're pretty quiet, and I can leave one on the desktop running and not ever hear it. In the past, I did use much noisier Firewire external drives. Since the MyBook's top capacity moved to 4 terabytes, they've become a good price-per-megabyte value.

My RAID tower sits on the floor, and occasionally I can hear it performing thermal recalibration or something, but it doesn't bother me much in terms of noise on a consistent basis. It's hooked up via Firewire 800.
Hello Nerwin

My drives are located on the second shelf of my desk's hutch above my computer. As I have switched to "Solid State Drives" there is no noise. Although it can be very expensive it's worth it if you can in my opinion. They have no moving parts unlike the old "Hard Disk Drives" and this is why the old drives make noise however they still get warm. All "HDDs" will make some noise no matter the brand although some will make more noise than others.

I have a lot of media my CDs are ripped as "Lossless" files and my films are rippled as 1080p MKV files from Blu-rays or just standard DVDs when Blu-ray is not possible. I also have photographs but nothing special as I don't own a good camera yet. In all in runs in around 12TB (terabytes).

Some of my older HDDs are stored in my outside shed and are networked via the electricity connection and I use them as back up. it is 16TB of storage in RAID 1 and it is extremely noisy.

If SSD is not an option you could connect your drives to the your network and move them to another room if the noise is that big a problem. You can use Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or your electricity wiring it's not as fast as a direct connection so if you are a professional then obviously you know this is likely this isn't an option.


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