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Oct 18, 2011
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Glasgow, Scotland
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Hi all,

I was talking to a friend at the weekend who is looking to buy their first DSLR and has asked me if I can recommend one. I personally use a canon but while I know a little about their kit I don't know a lot about the entry level DSLRs and I know next to nothing about Nikon gear.

Budget is £500 to £600, I would imagine that like most beginner's the photos will mostly be a mix of portrait and landscapes, possibly with a few close up shots thrown in so it would be nice to get a half decent walk around lens.

I'll be recomending they go with either a Canon or a Nikon, but with all the talk latey about Nikon being a bit technically better I'm swaying slightly in favour of them but which bodies and lenses are a good choice right now?
I started out with the Canon 600D kit, which included the 18-200mm lens. The lens is quite an interesting one to begin experimenting with, as it's zoom range allows for both wide angle and modest tele. Once you start to discover the mechanics and how-to's of photography, you will notice that the lens has its flaws (such as vignetting, if I remember correctly). But its versatility and low price make it a very nice lens to play with and discover which types of photography (portrait, landscape, ...) one likes best and you want to invest more into.

I cannot comment on Nikon equipment, as I have never used it. For entry-level bodies, though, I doubt that the difference between the two brands is significant in terms of quality (other elements, such as user-friendliness of the menus may differ quite a bit, but again, I have no experience with Nikon). If your friend intends to start doing photography as a serious hobby or even professional activity, the differences between Canon and Nikon obviously may start playing a much bigger role as high-end bodies and lenses come into the picture (pun intended) then.

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