Which Camera Is Better For Certain Types Of Shots?


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Apr 12, 2009
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I have another question that has been bugging me for a while about the Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. Which one is better for certain types of shots? Example, is a Canon better for portraits than a Nikon? Is a Nikon better than a Canon for landscapes? Are both cameras the same in all types of photography? Or does it all come down to what type of lens you are using?
There is only one case where one of the companies has a direct advantage over the other - and its a very marginal one.
Canon are the only company that (currently) make a macro only lens capable of going from 1:1 to 5:1 magnification - the MPE65mm. Its a very difficult lens to use and its only really for the diehard macro fanatics.
There are other ways for users to get similar magnifications (macro lenses, adaptors, tubes, bellows etc) but the MPE gets the best image quality in general.

Aside from that both camera companies make a wide and extensive selection of lenses and also have good 3rd party lenses support as well from companies like Tamron and Sigma.
Camera bodies get a little more selective and a good photographer might pick one company over the other based on the options of a camera body - such as going for (At the moment) a Nikon camera body for its higher ISO noise control over canon - however for many people this is not a real problem as both companies are constantly updating with newer camera bodies so upgrading is almost always an easier move then shifting systems - where you will end up spending a lot.

For most people the camera comapany they start with will be the one they stay with - professionals who earn directly from their kit and also might get discounts on gear are more likley to make a system change just to get an advantage in their field of work so that they remain competative.

At the moment many are feeling that Nikon is offering the better cameras in many areas - especailly for sports and crop sensor cameras - whilst the canon 5DM2 is stading quite strong as a good studio fullframe camera. However give it 2 years and all this can change - until the last year and a half or so canon were ruling the sports areas.
Ok, I was asking because a friend of mine suggested that a Nikon would be better for the kind of shots that I like taking.
What kind of shots do you like taking?

The choice and quality of the lens and the skill and vision of the photographer are way more important in photography than the body. This goes for all bodies of all brands.

I have seen pros, journalists, hobbyists, wedding photographers, teachers, students, fashion photogs, commercial photogs, travel, landscape, humanist, war photogs all use Canon and Nikon and produce amazing shots.
Animals, Portraits of people, Flowers, Birds and macro shots. I enjoy taking photos of other things too but mainly these things.
I can't think of any reason why either brand shouldn't produce perfectly acceptable results on those subjects - both have a a lens range that will handle each with consummate ease.

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