Which camera shall I get to shoot in UV light?


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Feb 27, 2009
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I am a face-and-body-painter, and I do a lot of work in UV aka "black light". I want to get a semi-professional light-weight camera under 800$ to take pictures of glowing bodies, and I wonder - which one shall I get? It should be really good with low light, and hi contrast and have high color sensitivity. I would also appriciate any tips and tricks on taking good pictures in UV envioronments (clubs, festivals etc) Thanks!

Irina, New Orleans www.face-painter.com
Just the back?

Or lens too?
Are you actually looking to photograph UV light fairly exclusively? Or are you looking for a regular camera that works well in low-light situations that may have a UV leak? I ask because the former are specialized and you likely cannot find in a regular camera. UV detectors are difficult to make, and most optical CCDs have a marked fall-off in sensitivity towards the blue end of the spectrum, continuing the fall-off through the UV.

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