Which Circular Fisheye Lens for Full Frame Nikon Camera?


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Feb 1, 2011
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Hey all,

I need advice. I am planning on renting a Nikon D800E for a project and need a circular fisheye lens to go with it, which I will also rent. To clarify, that's a fisheye lens that produces a circular image within the frame, as opposed to a diagonal fisheye which makes an image that fills the frame. I really like Rent Sigma 4.5mm f/2.8 Fisheye for Nikon but it is only for DX sensors. My own camera, a D7000, has a DX sensor, so I could just use that and just rent that lens, BUT I wanted to use the D800E for 1) the sharpness and 2) the resolution so I can make huge prints. From what I can tell, the only other fisheyes available on the site I would be renting from (Rent Fisheye lenses for Nikon Digital Cameras) that would work for a full frame camera are the Lensbaby and the Peleng. I'm not opposed to using the Lensbaby, which I know will give me the look I want, but I just want to explore all my options. As for the Peleng, I know absolutely nothing about them or their lenses. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Must have overlooked that one, thanks! I'm still curious about the Peleng, if anyone has any info or experience with it, though I probably will go with the Sigma now that it's been pointed out to me.

Taken with a Peleng:




The Peleng is an all-manual lens, both focus and aperture control. It has three rings on the barrel. One for focus, one to set the aperture, and the third to close the lens down to that aperture. There's NO mechanical linkage to the camera for aperture.




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