Which Lens sHould I take on Safari ???


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Jul 8, 2013
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Southampton Englan
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Am going to Kenya in October and have a Canon 7D with 70 x 200 2.8 , 100 x 400, Sigma 10 x 20, 24 x 105 & 1.8f 50mm...... weight and space is an issue so I was thinking of taking the 2.8f + 1.4x extender and not the 100 x 400 as my shots seem sharper with the 2.8 lens???
I really am at a loss as to what else I should take as I dont really want to double up any suggestions would be most welcome Cheers Baz

Forgot to mention Ive really only been keen on photography since about August last year and am by no means very good ;)
if you like the extended 2.8 better than the 100-400, then bring that. And then I recommend buying an old manual 24mm 2.8 lens (there are tons of them) off of ebay in a brand that you can adapt, like pentax or an old nikon or an M42 screw mount. These are usually small enough that you can fit them in your pocket or any random corner of your kit, and they will allow you to take pictures of any sweeping beautiful vistas you come across without breaking your weight budget.

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